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Night Wedding Photography

Night wedding photography is so beautiful and impressive. It can be one of the last things a couple does on their wedding day, to make a romantic statement at the end of a memorable day. So, how does night wedding photography work, and what are some tips to get some great shots? Below is a night shot from a destination wedding we planned in Jamaica.

1. Your Photographer will look for great frames and angles that incorporate ambient light and the surrounding landscape to make a surreal night scene. Doorways, trees, unique buildings, ruins etc. make for amazing structures.

2. Photographers use ambient light to give their photographs (whether day or night) a dense of realism. Ambient light is any light the photographer did not add to their image, and can include both "natural" ambient sunlight, or "artificial" ambient light such as a nearby street light, lamp, or similar.

3. Flash Photography will come into play at night, and your photographer will use flash and other and additional lighting equipment for a very unique photograph.

4. Backlighting is a technique photographers use to put lighting behind the couple to illuminate the bride and groom. This technique creates a beautiful story.

5. ISO Camera Settings: ISO is the camera's sensitivity to light. At night, ISO camera settings are increased by your photographer to about 1600, so that this will make for a clear night shot.

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