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Let Them Eat Cake

Why does it cost so much for a wedding cake if its only made with flour and water?? Truth be told it has nothing to do with the rising gas prices or the cost of eggs and milk nowadays. The reason why couples wind up spending between $250 and up for their cake of choice is because of your guests. That's right! Cakes are charged by the serving typically at a $6-$7 per piece.

Once you let the baker know how many guests will be attending you get into the details, which is where the figures will change even more. A standard wedding cake is 3 tiers and anything above that will cost extra. Additional items such as pearls or flowers (either in between tiers or cascading down the cake) will raise the price depending on the time, size and type of flowers you want. Materials used to make these kinds of items vary from fondant to marzipan to royal icing and can drastically change the cost of cake. Don't be afraid to ask the confectioner how they make these items.

In addition to these extras there is the cake itself. Depending on whether you choose a sponge cake or pound cake or even cheesecake will alter the price as well. Adding liqueur, fruit, ganaches, icings and other filling will also increase your bill. Something else that people don't know is that square cakes cost more than round. This is due to the fact that they used special sized square pans to make these cakes. Covering a square cake takes more time as well due to all of the corners that need to be frosted. Anything that has the baker doing more work than the standard 3 tiers will cost you in the end. Make sure you do research before you choose a baker and go over exactly what you want with them and how much ti swill total up to be. Don't forget to include tax and delivery charges in that estimate. Don't go for the gusto if you really don't need too. Sometimes we want bigger to mean better but with wedding cake it means bigger bill. If you don't need a 4 tier cake for your 75 guests, skip it and use the extra funds somewhere else. There is always the option to skip a cake baker and try your local supermarkets catering department for a cake. It may sound like something you'd never want to do but they may be able to offer you your dream cake at a lesser price. Don't be afraid to find up and coming cake designers and caterers who's prices will be pocket friendly and can give you a stunning cake ala Sylvia Weinstock! (well maybe not exactly like Sylvia).

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