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How to Honor Deceased Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Destination: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Venue: The Ruins at the Falls

Planners: Abeikosua Events

DIY Memorial Candles: Abeikosua Events

DIY Memorial Locket: Abeikosua Events

Photographer: Studio By Carmen

With many couples waiting until later in life to get married; the unfortunate reality is that the bride and or groom may have one or more loved ones who have passed away before they are able to walk down the aisle. It is always difficult to transition into one of the most memorable moments in your life without those closest to you to be their to physically witness your vows. It is always a beautiful gesture to honor your love ones who have passed and remember their love for you, their life, and their spirit.

DIY Memorial Candle

Above is a DIY Memorial Candle we created for the Bride to Honor both of her deceased parents. Here are some other timeless and elegant ideas for you and or your spouse to honor and incorporate your loved ones into your special day.

Walking Down The Aisle Alone

If the Bride's Father has Passed on, the Bride can walk down the aisle with her father in spirit; and carry one of his suit handkerchiefs with her.

Create a Memorial Table

Brides and Grooms can create a Memorial Table at the ceremony of reception with 8x10 photos of their loved ones.

In Loving Memory

Acknowledge your deceased loved one with a few words or sentences in the cremony program.

Save Your Loved One A Seat

You can create a sign or print a photograph and frame it and place it in the seat where your deceased loved one would have actually sat at the ceremony.

Carry Your Loved One With You

In the above picture, we created a locket bouquet for our bride with a picture of her deceased parents on their wedding day.

These timeless and elegant ideas will allow you to honor your loved ones who have passed on, while keep your wedding ceremony joyful.

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