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Choosing the Right Prom Theme: A Fire & Ice Prom

"A picture is worth a thousand words but the memories are priceless." Today we reminisce on a Fire 🔥 and Ice 🧊 Themed Prom we planned in New York 🗽 So, how do you choose a creative and exciting Prom Theme? Below are 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Review Your Budget and Venue

Our Budget came directly from the school in New York City we were contracted to plan the event for. They had already chosen the venue, Jericho Terrace a popular venue on Long Island not far from the borough of Queens. With the generous budget from the school we knew we could do something innovative.

Step 2: Find Inspiration

Check out Pinterest, your favorite films, TV Shows etc. We came up with the theme "Fire and Ice". We decided one hald of the ballroom would be fire, and the other half would be ice.

Step 3: Get Input From Students

We worked with the group a high school seniors on the Prom Committee to gather their input regarding the chosen theme.

Step 4: Narrow Your Ideas

Focus on a good 10-12 things you would like to develop for your chosen theme. For example, we decided to have a Fire invitation and an Ice invitation to give out to those seniors and their dates that were attending the prom.

Step 5: Execute Your Theme

Once you have your ideas have out for the design, decor and event flow of the prom, it's time to execute the event. That totally fell into Abeikosua Events hands because the seniors spent all day and early evening getting ready for the prom. With hard work, we were able to design a fire side of the ball room, as well as an ice side of the ballroom. After we decorated the room we Mc'd the event and also had the pleasure of naming the prom King and Queen.

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