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Celebrity Inspiration Wednesdays

Boyz II Men singer Shawn Stockman met Sharhonda Jones in 1993 at the Billboard Music Awards and ironicallly at the time Shawn was dating someone else. When she strated working for Boyz II Men in 1994 it was strictly professional but she loved Shawn's personality and prayed to God to find somebody like him. Well, God decided to bless her with the real thing! Shawn proposed to Sharhonda in 1999 after a visit to Michael Jackson's Neveland Ranch where they watched "Runaway Bride". Date: September 1, 2001 Place: The Wyndham Hotel Toledo, Ohio Theme: Periwinkle Blue Highlights: Sharhonda's mother walked her down the aisle to the Boyz II Men Ballad I Do. Celebrity planner and my inspiration Diann Valentine transfored the Whyndam into an elegant blue oasis. The dance floor was a plexiglass fish tank with blue water of course and goldfish. A blue carpet was put down on the ballroom floor. DJ Biz Markie kept everyone dancing and R&B singer Joe sang for the bride and groom.

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