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Sparkler Sendoffs

Updated: May 5, 2020

We love Independence Day! It's a time for relaxation, barbecues, hanging with family and friends and good old fashion fun. What has become paramount at the end of every Fourth of July are fireworks and for those of us who were not legally allowed to buy our own fireworks because of state laws, we got the next best thing, SPARKLERS! Fun with Sparklers somehow transitioned into the wedding world as more and more couples are having a Sparkler Sendoff as they leave their Wedding Reception. There is so much buzz about Sparkler Send Offs, because they can add a nice touch to the end of your reception and make for unique photographs. We love the photograph of this Sparkler Send Off courtesy of Buzz Feed


If you are going to do a Sparkler Send Off at your Reception here are some Tips:

1. Make sure that sparklers are legal in your state. For instance, sparklers are illegal in New York and New Jersey.

2. Purchase sparklers for your send off from a reputable company or quality manufacturer

3. Never give sparklers to small children

4. Be careful while handling sparklers, as they have the capability of burning at very high temperatures

5. Come up with a creative way to give out your sparklers like in this photograph courtesy of Nancy Gould Photography:

With proper planning and care you can have a memorable sendoff that you and your guests will never forget.

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